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What Does it Mean?

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What does it mean
when the Sun sinks into the earth
enveloped in clouds of blackness?

Is it Light dying to Darkness
or the sublime caressing
of two lovers locked in a kiss?

Clouds cloak the Sun.
Rubbing the waters
the horizon fades,
and what is left?
The brilliance of a Love ignited,
a fusion of Night and Day,
flickering over tender waves that sparkle.

What does it mean?
Even the Sun
needs to rest
after making love
to the Dark…

3 comments on “What Does it Mean?

  1. johncoyote says:

    I believe we will learn the truth when we find death. The real answers. I like the Native American logic. Live in peace with each other and the land. Hope for a good life and ending.

  2. That poem make me think about why I keep admiring Jesus. He knew, and still known that everything have been possible because of LOVE. 😀

  3. John: I suspect that when we pass from this life to the next, we will know things unimagined. We get a glimpse of it here, if we are open.

    Ediberto: I am perpetually in admiration of Jesus, the teacher, too often hidden from us by the very religions that profess to follow him.

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