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In Time of Darkness


We walk in time of darkness,
We journey from the Maternal Womb to the Light;
The shadows surround us,
The fears, the falsehoods that we have nurtured,
The chains that bind us producing woeful suffering;
Onerous and cursed chains that drag us into the Light …

We walk the Via Negativa,
The Transformative Way,
The Dark Night of the Soul towards the Dawn.

We walk in diamonds of Light bursting and destroying the terror,
The dread of the dark night of the Soul on pilgrimage.

There is a Luminosity that guides us,
An Aurora visible in the emptiness of shadow,
A Morning Twilight that can only be reached by walking through the darkness;
And he who flees never reaches it,
And she who hides never discovers it.

A radiant and comforting Light calls us and instigates us,
Her beauty a departure from falsehoods,
Its warmth frees us from illusion and corruption;
In that Light we dwell in rest and joy,
Finally clothed in indefinable Love.

Pilgrim, darkness leads us to the Light,
Pilgrim, it is impossible to arrive without dancing in the shadow.
Let us dance then, leaving behind the fear,
Leaving behind the error of thinking that everything was a condemnation,
Unfairly imputed …

Wilfredo Benitez
September 25th, 2017



Que linda luz produce una llama,

Luz que en su movimiento,
Su nadar en un mar de Espíritu y Viento,
Produce paz, y quietud interior.

Danza de movimientos únicos,
En regateos constantes que nunca se repiten,
Movimientos iluminados como las estrellas en el infinito universo,
En oscuridad que aplaude su luz.

Cuan bella luz produce esa danza contendida,
En la punta de una mecha.
Movimiento que hace prisionero al ojo,
Y Nos tantea, y nos regresa a la Luz interior.

¿Que cosa es la Luz?
¿Qué misterio se encuentra en ese torbellino de ardor?

Estad quietos y mirar,
Pon pausa a los pensamientos,
Entra en el eterno movimiento presente,
Déjate seducir,
No resistas,
Abandona tu resistencia,
Entra en la danza del Espíritu,
Y déjate secucir!

9 de Agosto, 2017

Sophia of My Soul


How beautiful to rest in wisdom,
How beautiful the repose born of such sublime Eternity.
What liberty when one is freed of ignorance,
And the voluntary sentence of self-deception.

Sophia of my soul,
Beautiful lady of the light and night,
Striking brightness that brings inner peace,
Why deny your entry into my bed chamber?
Why resist the caress of your knowing?
Why refuse your seductive gaze calling me to freedom?

The door opens very slowly,
And little by little I see your nakedness;
Little by little I embrace my nakedness,
Realizing the futility of trying to hide.

Sophia of my soul,
Lady wisdom,
I surrender to your seduction,
Break the resistance,
And dismantle the chains that keep me prisoner.

Sophia of my soul,
Come rest in me,
Tear down my stubbornness,
And fill my being with the aroma of your light;
Your glow of knowing and understanding,
Your enveloping haze where neither falsehoods nor arrogance will enter.

Sophia of my soul,
Come and make your sanctuary in me,
Sophia of my soul …

Wilfredo Benitez
August 14, 2017

A Riot of Petals


L1050746There are those who claim that miracles do not exist,
That there is only science,
And facts that are palpable;
What can be measured and quantified.

And what of the magic behind the science?
What of the alchemy that nourishes the atom?
What of the energy fields that dodge, and side step the experts,
That Impulse still unknown by science,
That generates the phenomenon of life?

A single flower is born and expands,
Following the path of the universe,
It springs forth and multiplies into petit flowers.
Like stars and galaxies in the infinite night sky;
A universe that bloomed one good day,
And now it expands in time and space.

And what of the universe contained in that flower?
What of the miracle that produced such a wonder?
What of the prodigy that brings us such beauty?

The universe is a canticle to the miraculous,
A visual spectacle for those who stop,
And look, and see the miracle,
They who breathe the miracle,
And they who live the miracle.

A flower intones its song,
A riot of petals emanating praises.
In a gesture of spherical euphoria,
They extend into the Imperishable;
And yet the blind insist:
There are no miracles …

Wilfredo Benitez
July 24, 2017

El Eco Que Salpica en la Niebla


ELNDB 8 copy

¿Cuál es ese caminar en búsqueda de Aquel,
Que se oculta en la Niebla?
¿Cuál es ese caminar cuando se escucha su Voz
En el susurro del Viento suave y húmedo,
Queriendo compartir su Secreto?

Caminar del caminar siguiendo el murmullo,
Buscando vislumbrar un anticipo con lo Eterno,
La magnificencia del latir que crea el universo.

Caminar del caminar con la certeza de que ahí en la bruma,
Descansa el misterio que no se deja ver,
Su desnudez seria para nosotros, los mortales, la muerte…

Aún así, Caminamos,
Buscando alcanzar esa chispa Divina,
Aliento que nos impulsa aumentando la sed,
Aún en la fresca nube
Que penetra hasta el alma.

Atravesamos el sendero,
El caminar del vivir,
Siguiendo el Eco que salpica en la niebla;
El incesante Eco que nos llama y nos llama,
Y nuestro ser alborotado en la concordia de su llamado,
Lo ve, aún en lo que permanece oculto, Lo ve,
Aún en nuestra mortalidad limitada, lo ve. Aleluya…

9 de Mayo, 2017

Requiem for a Bridge, Photographs at the Focal Point Gallery


From my series: “Requiem for a Bridge”. I’m going big, 24X30 Canvas Size Giclee Photographs. I will be showing these two Black & White pieces at the Artists Choice exhibit next month (Focal Point Gallery on City Island). Please join me for the opening reception, Friday March 3rd. at 7:00PM. 321 City Island Ave, the Bronx. Bring your checkbook, cash, or credit card, or just drop in for the free wine. requiem-for-a-bridge-5-copy requiem-for-a-bridge-4-copy