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Alzheimer's copy

The simple gesture of a daughter’s hand,
On the thigh of a mother long gone.

An act of LOVE,
A reminder of the human heart,
Our true nature exposed,
Burdened with LOVE.

Irena is long gone.
Her memory of things
A trillion specs of dust in the wind.
But is she truly gone?

Two hearts pulsate
Mother and Daughter,
A touch, a gesture
An indication that LOVE remains.

It stirs my heart to see this act of LOVE,
My photographer’s eye is captivated,
And I am reminded of how blessed I am.
To have Irena’s daughter as my wife.

Meme is unshakeable LOVE!

2 comments on “Alzheimer’s

  1. Street Photography Blog says:

    Just truly beautiful and as you say, so fortunate as are we all. Problem is, most of us never acknowlege it until it’s too late.

  2. Thank you for your acknowledgement!

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