Just Beyond the Window


The Window copy copy

Just beyond the Window
Is a place we all call heaven;
It is said by the ancients
That the repulsive,
And hideous beast named FEAR
Has been totally annihilated there,
And FEAR is a thing of a dreadful past,
Whose echo has long been swallowed
And conquered,
And is no more,
And never will be again.

In that place beyond the Window
Is total and absolute freedom from FEAR,
And hence there is untold harmony and LOVE.

Heaven is that place,
Beyond the borders of FEAR.
Once you enter there, you are FREE!

The wisest of the teachers once said:
“Do not let your hearts be troubled.”

Angels dancing in the wind,
Sing a song of fearlessness;
Nothing can silence their lovely songs,
So why become deaf to their singing?

Meet the light beyond the window,
Trust in that place called heaven,
Which seeks to be born in your heart today,
Right now, Hallelujah!

©Wilfredo Benitez

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