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In Time of Darkness

We walk in time of darkness,
We journey from the Maternal Womb to the Light;
The shadows surround us,
The fears, the falsehoods that we have nurtured,
The chains that bind us producing woeful suffering;
Onerous and cursed chains that drag us into the Light …

We walk the Via Negativa,
The Transformative Way,
The Dark Night of the Soul towards the Dawn.

We walk in diamonds of Light bursting and destroying the terror,
The dread of the dark night of the Soul on pilgrimage.

There is a Luminosity that guides us,
An Aurora visible in the emptiness of shadow,
A Morning Twilight that can only be reached by walking through the darkness;
And he who flees never reaches it,
And she who hides never discovers it.

A radiant and comforting Light calls us and instigates us,
Her beauty a departure from falsehoods,
Its warmth frees us from illusion and corruption;
In that Light we dwell in rest and joy,
Finally clothed in indefinable Love.

Pilgrim, darkness leads us to the Light,
Pilgrim, it is impossible to arrive without dancing in the shadow.
Let us dance then, leaving behind the fear,
Leaving behind the error of thinking that everything was a condemnation,
Unfairly imputed …

Wilfredo Benitez
September 25th, 2017

4 comments on “In Time of Darkness

  1. Allen Proctor says:

    Dancing in the Shadow! May it be so for all of us on the way! Thank you Wilfredo!!!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! Blessings!

  2. Joe says:

    Love this poem and the dancing in the dark metaphor.

    1. Thank you for the wonderful feedback! Blessings!

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