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Sophia of My Soul

How beautiful to rest in wisdom,
How beautiful the repose born of such sublime Eternity.
What liberty when one is freed of ignorance,
And the voluntary sentence of self-deception.

Sophia of my soul,
Beautiful lady of the light and night,
Striking brightness that brings inner peace,
Why deny your entry into my bed chamber?
Why resist the caress of your knowing?
Why refuse your seductive gaze calling me to freedom?

The door opens very slowly,
And little by little I see your nakedness;
Little by little I embrace my nakedness,
Realizing the futility of trying to hide.

Sophia of my soul,
Lady wisdom,
I surrender to your seduction,
Break the resistance,
And dismantle the chains that keep me prisoner.

Sophia of my soul,
Come rest in me,
Tear down my stubbornness,
And fill my being with the aroma of your light;
Your glow of knowing and understanding,
Your enveloping haze where neither falsehoods nor arrogance will enter.

Sophia of my soul,
Come and make your sanctuary in me,
Sophia of my soul …

Wilfredo Benitez
August 14, 2017

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