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An Invitation to Stillness

Chairs Saint John the Divine copy

There is stillness in the light of an empty cathedral,
Light cascades gently over the chairs,
An invitation to Stillness is extended.

The quiet is an enticement to prayer,
The kind that stills the heart,
And opens the floodgate of LOVE.

The Spirit is everywhere in that place,
Beckoning, forever beckoning;
Calling, forever begging, beseeching,
To come and sit, and quiet the mind.

There is darkness,
There is Light,
Shadows and brightness intermingle,
And there is rest in that place of peace.

What will become of these sanctuaries,
Urban Portals to the boundless LOVE within and Beyond?

Beyond this place of chairs in Light,
Is a city, a Restless city,
Trapped in endless cycles of frenetic senseless activity,
Flustered, ruffled, disconcerted souls rush to and fro,
Trapped in endless cycles of exhausting repetitive bustle.
Thousands pass this place,
Few enter for a drink of the Light.
Ignoring the oasis of wood on stone,
A place to sit and be still,
They rush, where are they going?

In the distance sirens can be heard,
They interrupt the peace for a few brief seconds,
But alas, the LOVE gate is open.
Light cascades over the pilgrim who ventures in,
To be still in the stillness of the Immovable.

A beautiful glow envelops the empty chairs,
And beckons,
Come and sit, Come and sit,
Be still and know that I AM God.

©Wilfredo Benitez
May 13, 2015

One comment on “An Invitation to Stillness

  1. The photograph was taken at the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine, in New York City.

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