Interfaith Prayer for the Victims of Domestic Violence



Eternal Source of Light, Beauty and Holiness,
Never ending fountain of LOVE,
We your humble servants,
Of many faith traditions,
Come before you, and invoke your sacred presence.

From the depths of darkness we call forth your LIGHT,
Especially upon those whose lives have been turned into a living hell:
Women and Children,
Victims of senseless violence,
At the hands of those,
Who had been charged to love them.

From the depths of their despair,
We beseech your burning radiance,
To purify our hearts in the name of LOVE,
That our backs may not be turned,
To their turmoil and unrest.

Source of infinite compassion and mercy,
Awaken in us the will to protect, the will to advocate,
And the will to stand in courage and justice,
On behalf of those who have no advocates,
On behalf of those enslaved,
On behalf of those who have lost all hope.

Source of Wisdom and Benevolence,
Let their cry by our cry,
Let their weeping be our weeping,
Let their scars be our scars;
That we who put our trust in you,
May live their pain through you,
And say

no more,
no more,
no more. Amen!

©Wilfredo Benitez

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