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Interfaith Convocation Prayer for Nuclear Nonproliferation

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God of Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, and Jacob;
God of Sarah, Hager, Rebekah, and Rachel,
God of our Abrahamic faiths,
God who births the universe,
God of the Prophet Muhammad,
God shining in the face of Jesus,
God in the tears of Mary his mother.

Come on this day and dance in our hearts,
Come on this day
And imbue your infinite universe
Into our souls.
Come on this day,
And bring the radiance of your peace,
into the hearts of all your human creation.

Light radiant in the face of the Buddha,
Light radiant in the Sweetness of Krishna,
Light radiant in the seekers of peace,
Your holy presence has been invoked upon us,
Your hallowed presence has been begged upon the earth.

A hideous darkness has overtaken us,
A dense and stubborn darkness that threatens all forms of life,
A repulsive darkness that rebels against your beauty,
Your Truth, Your Peace, and Your LOVE.

Violence has been unleashed,
with a depth of darkness unprecedented;
Nuclear has become a guise for the Angel of Death;
Robed in furious uncompromising fire,
It obliterates the perfect beauty of your marvelous creation.

God of infinite Life, Compassion, and LOVE,
Come dance at the center of our hearts.
Make us the instruments of your peace.
Teach us to bow in humility,
Before the majesty of what you’ve created;
Aid us in liberating our only Earth,
Of the profanity of nuclear arsenals.

We pray these things,
In the name of your supreme and benevolent LOVE. Amen.

©The Rev. Wilfredo Benitez

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