Autumn Is Brushing Against My Window


Autumn Leaves-1 copy

Autumn is brushing against my window.
In the distance
old tombstones
soon to be covered with Fallen leaves.

Seasons come and go
Never ending cycles of Life and Death
And Old Saint George’s Church
Is entering Autumn with solemnity
Saying goodbye to the Green of Summer
Lost in vibrant Brilliance as it prepares to enter
the coming season of Cold and Winter…

Serenity is brushing up against my window
There is no struggle
Just acceptance of the inevitable
Leaves bursting with Brightness
Ablaze before they rest among the tombstones
Blanketing the graves of those who went before.

It is a beautiful thing to behold,
the leaves,
the brightness,
the peaceful ending of a chapter through my window…

© Wilfredo Benitez

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