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The Sun Hides Behind the Clouds

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When the Ego speaks on behalf of God, it is a terrible thing, and the Sun hides behind the clouds.

How do we keep faith at a time when there are so many contradictory voices in the world claiming to be speaking on behalf of God? We hear these voices from different parts of the world and in our own nation; voices claiming to know the absolute truth of God and yet these voices often lead to division, strife, and sometimes violence. What is it about the human Ego that can make such a bold claim as to profess it speaks on behalf of God?

The Ego by nature is self-absorbed and it seeks to assert itself regardless of consequences. Too often that consequence is God. How often hasn’t this tendency seeped into our own houses of worship, reaping havoc and planting seeds of division? The almighty Ego often competes with God and is unwilling to be silent before the majesty of the Most High.

As children of God – made in the image and likeness of God – it seems we are both blessed and cursed. Blessed by the ever presence of the Holy Spirit that dwells within each and every single one of us, and cursed by the weakness of the Ego in needing to have its own way; some might even call this the nature of sin. Why drown the indwelling voice of God in this manner?

People of Spirit are called to be still before the presence of God (Psalm 46:10). God, or your Higher Power, invites you to put your Ego to rest — so that the Sun may come out of its hiding place behind the clouds and shine bright on your life.

Blessings and Grace!

2 comments on “The Sun Hides Behind the Clouds

  1. josie says:


    1. Thank you Josie. Amen indeed!

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