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There in the Mist

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There in the mist is hidden the deepest of mysteries,
So why deceive ourselves into thinking we see the whole picture?

An apostle once wrote: “For now we see through a glass dimly,”
And my lens is that glass wanting to penetrate the mystery!

Mysteries of mysteries, all of life is a mystery;
Things are hidden from sight,
But when you see beyond seeing,
There in the mist is a truth that penetrates the heart.

It is stillness, in slow gentle movement,
It beckons me to look ever so deeply,
And alas,
There in the mist, is a universe unfolding,
Shadows and light converge,
Moving beyond light and darkness,
One begins to see with the eye of the heart.

It remains an impenetrable mystery,
It humbles and teases my pursuit,
It avows my mortality,
And yet it beckons me,
Calling me, seducing me, it never lets me go!

There in the mist is hidden the deepest of mysteries,
I continue to look, and wait,
Wait until alas I will see “face to face” and know
Who it was, and what it was that beckoned me.

What will be of my mortal self when the mystery is no more?
What will be of my mortal soul,
When I cast away the dim glass,
And see with clarity for the very first time?

I feel as if I will burst into a zillion infinite particles,
Reaching the outermost confines
Of what was once an impenetrable mystery.

©Wilfredo Benitez

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