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Movement Beyond Time

IMG_9675 BW copy

Movement beyond time,
Breaking the illusion of space,
Getting lost within,
To a boundless universe,
An infinite distance away from our earthly realm,
Yet contained within the universe of our Silent Heart.

Breaking away,
Saying No, and Saying Yes;
No to the illusion of time,
And Yes to what lies beyond the horizon:
A vast ocean of LOVE,
Where one can whirl into annihilation,
Into the place where the Ego fades,
And its finite insignificance is swallowed,
By whirling waves of white,
In synch and pulsating,
To the rhythm of a beat,
Beyond the realm of time and space.

Why not dance our way to God, the Beloved?
Saying No to the illusion of time,
And Yes, to what lies beyond the horizon?

May 8th, 2015
©Wilfredo Benitez

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