Fencing the Light


Fencing the Light Color BlogOnce upon a time, a still red light on a misty rainy night called to me. I had to photograph it. I was drawn by the red glow of its foggy haze and I couldn’t resist. I was visiting my sister on City Island — in the Bronx — when this event unfolded.

I am an avid photographer. I don’t always know why I photograph what I photograph, and on this rainy night my photographic eye was drawn to the red shimmering glow.

Despite the dreary conditions surrounding the light, I found comfort in its stillness and brightness. The night was cold and wet but it didn’t matter, I had to get the shot, and I am glad I did.

A Meaning Emerged

I often ponder why this particular light on a foggy night called to me? I realize that this bleak image might make some uncomfortable. Perhaps it reveals an inner darkness?  The truth is I find the feeling it evokes soothing.

Over time this image has come to signify for me the Light that remains fenced by organized religion.
It is a reminder of how religious institutions can create barriers to the very light that gave them birth. But even behind a shadowy fence, the light shines bright. “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” – John 1:5

We live in an age of spiritual bankruptcy and organized religion has been a major culprit. The church institution I serve is guilty as charged – even as it struggles to remain relevant in the 21st century.

Friend, if you have encountered a fence on your spiritual journey then all I can say is: “Hallelujah Baby!”

Recognizing the fence and recognizing that the light remains shining despite its ludicrous attempt to fence it in, is a spiritual epiphany. You are on the right path. Be open to the Light, a fence will not overcome or contain it!

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  1. “Friend, if you have encountered a fence on your spiritual journey then all I can say is: “Hallelujah Baby!” … stumbling and falling and be tenacious is what this image is given me. Thank you Padre Wilfredo for sharing your tenacious journey and thoughts. It is a provocative image indeed! Very appropriate for lent.

    • Thank you Jaime. The church is a place to build genuine and honest inclusive community that is not about judgement. I sincerely hope that the word starts to get out that there are safe harbors in organized religion.

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