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Movement Beyond Time


IMG_9675 BW copy

Movement beyond time,
Breaking the illusion of space,
Getting lost within,
To a boundless universe,
An infinite distance away from our earthly realm,
Yet contained within the universe of our Silent Heart.

Breaking away,
Saying No, and Saying Yes;
No to the illusion of time,
And Yes to what lies beyond the horizon:
A vast ocean of LOVE,
Where one can whirl into annihilation,
Into the place where the Ego fades,
And its finite insignificance is swallowed,
By whirling waves of white,
In synch and pulsating,
To the rhythm of a beat,
Beyond the realm of time and space.

Why not dance our way to God, the Beloved?
Saying No to the illusion of time,
And Yes, to what lies beyond the horizon?

May 8th, 2015
©Wilfredo Benitez

A Prayer for Farkunda (killed outside a mosque in Kabul, Afghanistan, by deranged men).


L1050860 II copy

God of Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, and Jacob;
God of Sarah, Hager, Rebekah, and Rachel,
God of our Abrahamic faiths,
God of Moses, and the Prophet Muhammad,
God shining in the face of Jesus,
God in the tears of Mary his mother,
God in the cries of our sister Farkunda,
We invoke your presence here this evening,
As we gather and mourn over the senseless, cowardly, and brutal slaughter
Of a courageous woman who spoke her conscience.

Allah in the light of our candles,
Allah who ignites the fire in our hearts,
Allah in the voice of Farkhunda,
We hear the echo of her screams,
Even across the oceans,
We hear the echo of her screams,
Even across the valley of death,
We hear the echo of her screams.

Most Merciful and Compassionate,
Author of Freedom and Justice
We mourn the killing of your daughter
An instrument of your Voice,
In the midst of men,
Who were deaf to your beauty and sanctity.

Allah in the hearts of the Women of Afghanistan,
Allah in the hearts of women persecuted everywhere,
Allah in the hearts of men with a conscience,
We pray that her death not be in vain.

God of heaven and earth,
We pray that her death give rise to the voice of our Sisters
Who speak your truth,
Who speak your beauty,
Who speak your justice,
Who speak your LOVE.

Peace be upon Farkhunda,
And peace be in our hearts tonight,
That from the ashes of her body,
A new dawn may begin,
Where the darkness of ignorance
Will find no place to hide,
Where the darkness of persecution
Will find no refuge,
Where the darkness of tyranny
Will find no protection.

Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar. Ameen.

©Wilfredo Benitez, 2015

It Was the Unknowable Mystery ( an Encounter with His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet).


Botanical Garden Lotus copy

Sitting at his feet,
Surrounded by a sea of Yellow and Wine colored robes,
I ponder the gift.
I’ve been welcomed
Into the company of the Sangha,
I sit as one of them.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama,
Sits a few feet away from me.
He chants the holy words,
The sounds resonate,
Weaving in and out, and rising to the heavens,
The words encircle us, surround us,
And penetrate our hearts.

There is stillness within,
Sitting in his presence,
There is stillness.

He chants, fulfilling his priestly obligations,
Leading the faithful inward and onward,
An act of supreme humility.

Before the greatness of the silent I Am,
Before the immensity of a bottomless ocean,
Void of any form or substance,
He chants in rhythm with the energy that sustains the cosmos.

There I sit crossed legged,
A Christian Western Latino Cleric,
Surrounded by a multitude of Asian faces from Tibet and Vietnam,
Monks and Nuns at the feet of their most holy and revered teacher,
And I ponder the question why?
How did I arrive at this place and moment in time?
Why was I included in this ocean of sun colored robes?

It was timelessness that brought me there,
It was Tao,
It was Jesus,
It was my dear friend Thich Chon Thanh,
It was Karma,
It was Buddha,
It was
Unknowable Mystery!

©Wilfredo Benitez,

An Invitation to Stillness


Chairs Saint John the Divine copy

There is stillness in the light of an empty cathedral,
Light cascades gently over the chairs,
An invitation to Stillness is extended.

The quiet is an enticement to prayer,
The kind that stills the heart,
And opens the floodgate of LOVE.

The Spirit is everywhere in that place,
Beckoning, forever beckoning;
Calling, forever begging, beseeching,
To come and sit, and quiet the mind.

There is darkness,
There is Light,
Shadows and brightness intermingle,
And there is rest in that place of peace.

What will become of these sanctuaries,
Urban Portals to the boundless LOVE within and Beyond?

Beyond this place of chairs in Light,
Is a city, a Restless city,
Trapped in endless cycles of frenetic senseless activity,
Flustered, ruffled, disconcerted souls rush to and fro,
Trapped in endless cycles of exhausting repetitive bustle.
Thousands pass this place,
Few enter for a drink of the Light.
Ignoring the oasis of wood on stone,
A place to sit and be still,
They rush, where are they going?

In the distance sirens can be heard,
They interrupt the peace for a few brief seconds,
But alas, the LOVE gate is open.
Light cascades over the pilgrim who ventures in,
To be still in the stillness of the Immovable.

A beautiful glow envelops the empty chairs,
And beckons,
Come and sit, Come and sit,
Be still and know that I AM God.

©Wilfredo Benitez
May 13, 2015